About "Rent-a-jet" (RENT-A-JET.RU)

"Rent a jet" is an individual flight without the hassles of regular airlines on your schedule and with confidentiality.

We are one of many market players who provide private jet lease services, but we are one of not many who know all the subtleties of renting a private jet.

Our team employs professionals with extensive experience and expertise in both civil and business aviation.

Our expertise and experience will allow you to make a flight in 4 hours after you confirm your application for the lease of the aircraft.

Ordering a private jet with us is complex, fast and reliable.

You specify the route of your flight. We present for you the best options for renting a private jet. After the aircraft is selected the application is confirmed, we completely take on all the arrangements for the implementation of the aircraft order and maintenance of the entire flight.

During this time, we will coordinate the actions of all the services involved in preparing for the flight of your flight. Our service departments have worked their actions to the nearest minute:

  • Submission and approval of an application for a flight to official services;

  • Tracking the passage of an application and permission for an international flight;

  • Getting slots at the airport of departure and arrival;

  • Coordination of loading onboard catering;

  • Departure of flight attendants and briefing;

  • Crew departure;

  • Technical preparation of the vessel for flight, fueling the vessel;

  • Escorting you in the VIP-terminal before departure

Our guarantees


We work 24 hours a day. You can order a plane by phone or by submitting an application from our website. We are able to organize your flight in 4 hours, after confirming the application for the lease of the aircraft.


When ordering an aircraft in our company, we guarantee that all information about the flight, passengers and flight is not subject to publicity under any circumstances.


We make a qualitative selection of a private jet for you. We talk about the features of each proposed aircraft and about the peculiarities of airport departure/arrival services.


All our crews have the highest aviation qualifications, and are allowed to perform flights in difficult meteorological conditions. For your comfort, all private jets are equipped for business meetings on board and for recreation.

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